The THROTTLE BOX™ Distortion serves up all genres of ROCK with cut and aggression, but retains the signature warmth and organic sonic quality found in all our amplifiers. While its main strengths lie in higher-gain sounds, it is quite versatile and it’s lower gain options shouldn’t be overlooked for classic rock or howling blues. The THROTTLE BOX also features a unique MID CUT that scoops out midrange to produce the signature Boogie® “V” EQ-curve that so many artists have employed in our amps to create the world’s heaviest guitar tones!

Mesa Throttle Box Awards


  • Designed and Handcrafted in Petaluma, California, USA
  • True Bypass On/Off Switching - Bypasses all circuitry when off to ensure no tonal loss
  • Gain Control allows you to dial in the perfect amount of classic to modern high-gain
  • Lo/High Gain Switch provides classic crunch to modern meltdown
  • Master Level Control provides a variable range of signal boost up to +20dB
  • Tone Control balances the amount of high frequencies
  • Mid-Cut Control provides powerful mid-scoop for modern high-gain styles
  • Internal EQ-Boost Switch provides added style/voicing option
  • On/Off Status LED
  • 9V Battery Powered or Externally Powered (optional) via External Power Jack Input
  • Input & Output Jacks (Nominal Input -20dB)


  • Dimensions (W/D/H): 2.87" x 4.77" x 2.28" (73mm x 122mm x 58mm)
  • Weight: 0.865 lbs. (393g) with battery, 0.765 lbs. (347g) without battery
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Battery Type: 9VDC (one)
  • Power Consumption (Current Draw): 9VDC/25mA
  • External Power Supply (Not Included): WARNING!!! To avoid immediate damage and voiding the warranty, the External Power Supply MUST be 9VDC with a NEGATIVE CENTER plug polarity and a jack plug size of 2.1mm x 5.5mm.
  • Input Impedance: 1M Ohm (500k Ohm minimum)
  • Output Impedance: 10k Ohm


Throttle Box – Alternative Rock

Throttle Box – Metal

Throttle Box – Rock Blues with Walter Trout

Throttle Box – Solo Gain


  • "This is the pedal for every guitar player who has wished there was a way to step on a switch and turn their clean sound into something akin to Mesa’s mighty Rectifier. The mid-cut knob affects the soundscape in the same way as creating a V shape with Mesa’s five-slider EQ, and a center toggle drops the Throttle Box into low gear for cutting but clear overdrive and edgy blues styles. The Throttle Box doesn’t quite capture the sizzle of a Rectifier—it’s not supposed to. But it excels at creating a wall of wicked distortion and extreme levels of sustain. High-gain and mid-cut levels replicate the sound of a full Mesa stack near meltdown, while various lower gain settings conjure the soulful sting of a Lone Star or Mark I.”

    Eric Kirkland
    Guitar World
  • "If we could stop smiling long enough to put it down, we'd tell you that never has hard rock and metal been so utterly satisfying from such a small enclosure. Don't count it out for high-gain blues rock, or classic rock either for that matter: another winner!”

    Mick Taylor
    Music Radar
  • "As you'd expect, the pedal's hi-gain mode serves up plenty of the liquid grind that players have come to expect from the house of Mesa. The amount of gain on tap borders on menacing, but output stays very focused, even when using hotter, fatter-sounding humbuckers. Hi-gain mode also makes the Throttle Box’s controls very sensitive, with even small changes to the mid cut and tone knobs effecting drastic tonal shifts—from classic, scooped Metallica tones to modern, mid-heavy Southern metal or the super-tight industrial grind of Meshuggah.”

    Jordan Wagner
    Premier Guitar