Mesa/Boogie® Trademarks

Updated June 2008

The following are Trademarks, Trade Names and Trade Dress belonging to Mesa/Boogie Ltd., Petaluma, CA:

20/20 Lone Star Simul-Class 2:Ninety
3/4 Back Lone Star Special Simul-Link
50/50 Mark I Simul-State
Accelerator MarkII Single Rectifier
Ace Mark IIB Smart Power
Angel Mark IIC Solo 50
Badlander Mark IIC+ Solo Control
Baron Mark III Solo-Verb
Basis M-2000 Mark IV Spirit of Art in Technology
Bass 200 Mark V Stereo 2:Fifty
Bass 400+ Mark 5 Stiletto
Bass Radiator Mark Five Stiletto Ace
Big Block Mav Stiletto Deuce
Big Block 750 Maverick Stiletto Jack
Big Foot Mesa Stiletto Trident
Black Shadow Mesa Engineering Strategy
Blue Angel Mesa/Baron Studio .22
Boog Mesa/Boogie Subway
Boogie Mesa/Boogie Manhattan SUS-4
Bottle Rocket Mesa/Boogie Hollywood Three-Quarter Back
Buster! M-Pulse Tigris
Caliber M-Pulse 360 Tilt & Roll
Channel Cloning M-Pulse 600 Titan
Chopper Multi-Watt Titan V-12
Coliseum Player Control Track-Lok
DC 10 PowerHouse Trans-Class
DC 2 Private Reserve TransAtlantic
DC 3 Progressive Linkage TransAxis
DC 5 Rackto Trem-O-Verb
Diesel Rectifier TriAxis
Differential Feedback Amplifier Rectifier Recording Triple Rectifier
Dual Caliber Rectifier Tracking Tri-Port Porting
Dual Rectifier Recto 'Tude
Duo-Class Rect-O Tude
Dyna-Watt Recto 2:100 Tweed
Express Recto-Verb Tweed Power
Express 5:25 Rect-O-Verb Union Jack
Express 5:50 Reverb Rocket V-1
F-100 Revolver Venture
F-30 Road King Venture 600
F-50 RoadReady Viceroy
Fillmore Roadster Vintage PowerHouse
Formula Robotube V-One
Full Power/Tweed Rocket 4 Forty V-Twin
Half-Back Rocket 44 WalkAbout
Heartbreaker Scout WalkAbout Scout
Home of Tone Scout Bass Radiator Wide Track
Jack Simul WideBody
Kickstand Simul 2:Ninety  
Kingkontroller Simul-Class  

The following are Trade Dress/Trademarks of Mesa/Boogie Ltd.: Wicker Cane Grille, Metal Front Panel with Vertical Vents, Black Embossed Crocodile Leather, Diamond Plate Non-Skid Metal and Knurled Knobs.

The absence of a Trademark, Trade Name or Trade Dress in this list does not constitute a waiver of any intellectual property rights of Mesa/Boogie Ltd.