What Makes It Boogie?

At Mesa Engineering, we hand-craft instruments to inspire magic and to last for a lifetime. Here’s how:

Amplifiers: The Right Ingredients

Plug into an amp that IS an instrument.

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Cabinets: Sound Construction

Inside and out, our cabinets are both innovative and sturdy.

See What Goes Into Our Cabinets

Vacuum Tubes: Tried and Tested

Meticulously selected. Ruthlessly tested.

Discover Our Uncompromising Process

Every MESA/Boogie, including all the cabinets, is entirely made in our one location here in Petaluma, California, where we’ve been since 1980.

"Man! That little thing really Boogies."

Carlos Santana
on the Princeton Boogie ®, the first high-power 1x12 Combo