The Home of Tone®

We’re famous for making versatile amplifiers but even MESA® fans will agree, with the many Series we make, each uniquely voiced and different, it can be hard to choose. Sometimes your mood or a gig demands a specific character or set of features you’ve grown to love, or a certain favorite with a sound or feel you find nowhere else. Maybe you’ve considered the expressive power of having two amps on tap but didn’t have a way to facilitate using them together? Considered a Dual Rectifier® and Mark V® for example… talk about covering the complete spectrum! And even aside from that type of arsenal, everyone can appreciate the benefit of having an instant back-up amp on a footswitch for gigs.

Whatever the scenario, we now have you covered with the most comprehensive solution available for switching between amplifiers. Introducing the Head-Track™ Head Switcher and Switch-Track™ ABY.

Whether your application is performance, instantly selecting between your favorite amps at home, or creating a one button solution in case of a failure on the gig, these professional switching devices are made with the same quality parts in the same Petaluma, CA Facility as our Award-winning amplifiers and will provide years of rugged service.