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Transatlantic TA-30 Front Panel

Transatlantic TA-30 Rear Panel

TransAtlantic TA-30 1x12s in Cream Vinyl and Tan  with Gray/Black Grille/Corners.TransAtlantic TA-30 1x12s in Cream Vinyl and Tan with Gray/Black Grille/Corners.

Welcome to a New World of Expression. This adventurous amplifier may well redefine the Brit amp genre by including preamp and power options that seem near impossible for an amplifier with such a humble footprint and manageable poundage. Make no mistake, this is not a low line offering, but rather a power experiment in the world of simplicity. In every way, the TA-30 stands proud alongside our larger multi channel offerings with the same components, build quality, versatility and performance…an equal in every way except weight and mass.

This TransAtlantic follows the architecture of its lower powered sibling, the TA-15, that's been blowing the minds of critics and players alike and adds a more robust power section, gorgeous tube Reverb and a Channel Assignable/Bypassable Effects Loop. The extra horsepower and feature set on the TA-30 brings the TransAtlantic concept - and more importantly Tone - out of the studio and into the world of pro gigging.


TransAtlantic TA-30 Two independent foot switchable channelsThe Transatlantic TA-30 is available in head, rackmount head, 1x12 or 2x12 combo formats

Two footswitchable Channels navigate the Atlantic with stylistic flair and give you a passport to the best British and American preamp sounds in two straightforward groups of five controls. The Five Preamp Modes (2 in Ch.1 and 3 in Ch. 2) are selected with a simple mini toggle located in the top position of stacked toggles in each Channel.

Channel 1 offers two Modes that pay tribute to the Vox heritage; a lower gain NORMAL Mode that delivers shimmering higher headroom clean sounds and TOP BOOST, our take on one of the most iconic Brit sounds ever, that excels at clipped rhythm and lead sounds.

Channel 2 packs three selectable Modes and this Channel alone offers more stylistically divergent landscapes than many whole amps. TWEED follows the Southern Cal vintage line to deliver gorgeous clean chording sounds that have more low end and breathy air than Channel 1 NORMAL - and yet clips smooth and furry when pushed. From there HI 1 jumps back to the U.K for a Brit style higher-gain Mode that, when set lower, romps on vintage crunch rhythm sounds with stripped urgency. HI 1 also delivers searing high gain solo sounds that retain a crisp, definitive attack as the GAIN control is cranked. Finally, another crossing and you're back in Petaluma, CA for the smooth warmth of the high gain Boogie® lead voice found in HI 2. This Mode adds low-end girth and sweetens the attack frequencies to produce a fatter, rounder tone that is great for single note work.


TransAtlantic TA-30 1x12 Combo in British Cabernet Vinyl with a Tan Jute GrilleTransAtlantic TA-30 1x12 Combo in British Cabernet Vinyl with a Tan Jute Grille

The TA-30 incorporates a new GAIN BOOST feature in Channel 2 that takes it into new and uncharted waters, enabling it to scuttle even the most extreme Rock and Metal sounds with one well-aimed pull on the GAIN pot trigger. This shot of red-hot gain empowers all three Modes in Channel 2 and delivers a take-no-prisoners assault on the senses…especially in HI 1 AND 2.


Along with an array of iconic preamps the TA-30 offers three amazing power choices in each Channel, each of which allow you to perfectly tune the power to enhance the preamp Mode chosen for a given footswitchable sound. The result of all this flexibility is a fully capable live-performance amp with an uncanny sense of direction that can also be switched down to 15 watts for lower volume power- clip applications or late-night sessions.

The Transatlantic TA-30 features Mesa’s Exclusive Duo-Class™ and Dyna-Watt™ (Patent 4,713,624) technology providing three power and two operating class options that are channel assignable via independent 15/30/40 Watt Power Switches. Choose from 2 power tubes operating in pure Class A Push-Pull, producing 15 Watts, or 4 tubes operating in pure Class A Push-Pull, producing 30 Watts ...or 4 tubes operating in Mesa's Exclusive Dyna-Watt™ Power that maximizes the power and punch of time-honored Class A/B power, producing 40 Watts. The 15W position on the Multi-Watt™ mini toggle in each Channel captures the old world magic of 15 watts running in Class A which - along with being ultimately clippable - emphasizes a truly precious blend of warmth and lined-up, chiming harmonics at low playing volumes. The 30 watt setting brings aboard the Push-Pull wiring scheme while remaining in Class A and pumps up the wattage for the perfect blend of iconic vintage response, manageable power and sweet, smooth clip.

From there things take a leap forward in history and headroom to our Dyna-Watt™ power in the upper 40W position. This incredibly dynamic power scheme switches the wiring style to Class AB and allows the headroom to increase dramatically by unleashing a burst of power at the instant of attack. Voltage is stored-up and released in a time-specific burst from the power supply continuously as you play, creating punch, headroom and tight-tracking authority well beyond your expectations.


The Transatlantic’s Effects Loop allows you to interface outboard processing without degrading your signal for effects such as chorus, delay, flange or anything that doesn't sound right on the "front end" (between the guitar and amp). The TA-30's Loop works well with both Pedal and Rackmount processors and provides ample headroom and drive to accommodate both with Toneful finesse. All this control over both the preamp architecture and power section wiring styles combined with the simplicity of the Gain and Tone Controls create a package that allows for instant gratification and long-term exploration.

How you choose to enjoy the TransAtlantic is your call, but we feel confident that no matter what type of stylistic arena you find yourself in, the tools are here for you to craft your own signature version of these classic sounds.


Ch. 1 NORMAL – Chicken Picken

Ch. 1 TOP BOOST – Clean

Ch. 1 TOP BOOST – Clean and Crunch

Ch. 1 TOP BOOST – Sparkle to Drive

Ch. 2 HI 1 – Mid Gain Chunk

Ch. 2 HI 2 – Firebird Rock

Ch. 2 TWEED – Clean Rhythm

Ch. 2 TWEED – Reverb Blues

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  • "Mesa's Transatlantic TA-30 is by far their most versatile and feature laden amp in a small package, If you're looking for a really great sound that is touch sensitive, the Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-30 is for you, check it out.”

    Paul Riario
    Guitar World