In the twilight of the 1960s, SF Bay Area amp repairman to the Stars, Randall Smith, was inspired to start building his own amplifiers after coming to a deep appreciation for the ‘50s Tweed circuits developed by Leo Fender. He loved their organic sounding voice, powerful controls and the way they smoothly transitioned from clean to clip and back again.

Standing on the shoulders of a giant, Smith’s (and the World’s) first venture into boutique guitar amplification resulted in a new Boogie® amp design inspired by that wonderful, timeless sounding preamp. Five Decades later we return to pay homage. Now, drawing on these 50 years of experience, we bring forward an exciting new realm of tweed-based performance and authentic 6V6 character. A beautifully simplistic design that raises the bar in the world of vintage tone. The NEW CALIFORNIA TWEED™

A quick glance at the front panel of the California Tweed reveals single channel simplicity. Channel features include Normal & Low Inputs, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Reverb & Master Controls. Our legendary vintage all-tube, long-tank, spring reverb with external reverb switching jack and a fully buffered, tube-driven series FX loop round out a feature set that delivers everything you need for golden tone, and absolutely nothing more.

California Tweed 4:40 1x12 Combo
California Tweed 4:40 Head with California Tweed 2x12 Extension Cabinet

California Tweed™ 6V6 4:40 Front Panel

California Tweed™ 6V6 4:40 Front Panel

Single Channel, 5 Power Voices, One Simple Switch

The California Tweed is powered by 4x6V6 Power Tubes while the preamp features 5x12AX7 and 1x12AT7 preamp tubes. Our patented Incremental Multi-Watt™ (Patent 9,917,560) Power Amp, featuring Duo-Class™ (Patent 7,173,488) and Dyna-Watt™ technologies, provides five power levels, two operating-classes and three wiring options via a single 5-Way Rotary Switch! Choose from the following power options:

40 Watts - 4x6V6 Class A/B Pentode
30 Watts - 2x6V6 Class A/B Triode + 2x6V6 Class A/B Pentode
20 Watts - 2x6V6 Class A/B Pentode
10 Watts - 2x6V6 Class A/B Triode
2 Watts - 1x6V6 Triode + 1x6V6 Pentode, Single-Ended Class A Parallel

Harken back, bounce on forward, …while never sacrificing one drop of golden California Tone. Demo the California Tweed at your MESA dealer today.


Designed specifically to complement the California Tweed, we’re proud to introduce the California Tweed cabinet series. The vintage-tuned enclosures are perfectly suited for the California Tweed tone. Made in Petaluma, California, our vintage open back designed cabinets are constructed from Marine Grade, Baltic Birch and feature an all new, rear-mounted speaker/s.

After testing numerous options, searching for a speaker capable of delivering the magical vintage tone we were after for the California Tweed, we chose the all-new Jensen BLACKBIRD ALNICO. The resulting combination delivers a tonal character that is absolutely perfect for this vintage-voiced amplifier.

The new 1X12 CALIFORNIA TWEED 23 CABINET and 2x12 CALIFORNIA TWEED CABINET  have been designed specifically to complement the new Head and Combo formats. Their open-back design is vintage-inspired focusing on size, tone & portability. Experience the California Tweed Series of amplifiers and cabinets at your MESA dealer today.

"Let’s invert this review and put the conclusion up front: The California Tweed, Mesa’s new take on old Fender amp circuits, is simply stunning. It’s easily one of the best-sounding tweed-influenced amps I’ve ever encountered. Perhaps the best."

Joe Gore Premier Guitar

"This amp has the potential to reward you with some of the best tone you’ll ever hear from your guitar...Overall, the California Tweed is everything you’d expect from an amp with the coveted Boogie badge - exceptional build quality, attention to detail and superlative style. "

Nick Guppy Music Radar


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Dean Wareham

Dean Wareham

Dean Wareham is a founding member of indie bands Luna and Galaxie 500, actor, author, film composer and a respected cultural figure who made his mark on the ’90s independent music scene both in America and in Europe. 

Rolling Stone magazine listed Luna’s “Penthouse” among the top 100 albums of the 1990’s sharing: “Dean Wareham made his name with the Eighties dream-pop trio Galaxie 500, but he really found his muse in these scandalously beautiful guitar ballads. His foxy voice slinks along the languid guitars as he plumbs his foolish heart in the back of a New York cab, going home alone after another night of fancy drinks and lucky toasts. Wareham purrs some sly one-liners (‘It's no fun reading fortune cookies to yourself’) but the music celebrates the pleasures of being too young, too rich, too pretty and too single, shopping for true love while getting lost in Chinatown.”

Luna spent a decade on hiatus beginning in 2005 during which time Dean Britta and former Luna bassist Britta Philips spent time working on film scores, promoting the documentary film of Luna's farewell tour ‘Tell Me Do You Miss Me’ recording as ‘Dean & Britta’ and getting married. Wareham has also released the EP ‘Emancipated Hearts’ under his own name and a self-titled album. In October 2018 a collection of western-themed songs featuring Wareham and singer-songwriter Cheval Sombre was released under the title ‘Dean Wareham Vs. Cheval Sombre’.

In 2015 Luna reformed to tour the world and within a couple of years, released both an album ‘A Sentimental Education’ and the EP ‘A Place of Greater Safety’.

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