The Baron™

The Baron 

Our patent-pending Tandem State Imaging is a unique feature that allows the listener to "dial in" or "tune" the amplifier to match listening preferences and system requirements. The sixteen available combinations are mechanical adjustments which may be engaged during playback, making the effects immediate and easily observable. The output power tubes of the Baron™, 5881s [an idustrial, ruggedized version of the 6L6], can be wired for pentode or triode operation. The Baron's unique circuitry wires them for both operations such that individual pairs of output tubes may be assigned a different mode, simultaneously. This is a new concept in tube amplification and makes it possible to combine the distinct sonic chracteristics of either mode of operation, in user-adjustable increments.

Front to 10th row perspective, thundering dynamics to subtle micro detail, full frequency extension to midrange emphasis, subtle tonal shadings... these parameters, and more, can be addressed by Tandem State Imaging. None of it requires any prior exposure to High-End audio or tube equipment, merely an enthusiasm for great sound and music and a willingness to experiment with different settings to explore their particular value in a given application.

The Mesa/Boogie professional heritage insures industrial-strength build quality and reliability, and our 25 years of experience with vacuum tubes, expressed in more than 12 patents for tube design, guarantees fully matured technology equally at home in a stadium, concert hall or private living room.

The current resurgence of interest in tube designs in the consumer markets proves what professional musicians have known all along: vacuum tubes sound different - and most people feel, better!

What the international audio press has to say:

"For this aural pilgrim, the Mesa Baron is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

Chip Stern

"The Baron is a fantastic amplifier at a very reasonable price."

Bruce Manoly
Positive Feedback

"One of the best sound-for-the-dollar components in high-end audio today."

Mark Block
The Audiophile Voice

"Seductively sweet-sounding."

John Atkinson

"It's as close to what I'd imagine an all-valve Krell would sound like if Dan D'Agostino ever got a jones for tubes."

Ken Kessler
HiFi News and Record Review

"Knocking, no pounding, on state-of-the-art's door... one of the best values in Audio."

Tom Miller
The Audio Adventure

"The Baron fills my sonic wish list as beautifully as I could have hoped for: Transparency, high resolution, tonal neutrality, liquid midrange, soundstage depth, extended but sweet highs, powerful yet controlled bass."

Mark Block
Audiophile Voice

"It's only serious competition comes from amps costing two or three times as much."

Dick Olsher

"The Baron entered this household under the least favorable of circumstances: it followed the $ 30,000.- Audio Research Reference 600 power amplifier... That's a tough act to follow, but - even with its more earthly price, the Baron damn near stole the show!"

Tom Miller
The Audio Adventure

MESA® Baron™ Specifications

  • True dual mono, fixed bias, vacuum tube push-pull Class A/B stereo power amplifier
  • Patent-Pending Tandem State Imaging circuitry: four stages of adjustable Negative Feedback [ 0, 2, 4, 8dB ] interface with four selectable power tube configurations [ all pentode, all triode, 2/3 pentode + 1/3 triode, 2/3 triode + 1/3 pentode] to offer 16 sonic tuning options; affects soundstage depth and width, dynamics, frequency extension, timbral balance, speaker/amp interface - all variables can be adjusted during playback with a simple flip of a switch or the turn of knob.
  • 60K or 110K input impedance [ user selectable ]
  • 12 x 5881s output tubes, 4 x 12AX7As input/predriver tubes
  • 55W/Ch all Triode
  • 85 W/Ch 2/3 Triode + 1/3 Pentode
  • 120 W/Ch 2/3 Pentode + 1/3 Triode
  • 150 W/Ch full Pentode
  • Separate on/off, standby and meter light switches for each channel.
  • Dual powercords; separate power- and output transformers for each channel.
  • Proprietary ceramic tube sockets with silver contacts.
  • Rubber iso-mounted transformers for quiet operation.
  • Double-sided printed circuit boards with three-ounce high- purit copper traces and glass-epoxy base with plated-thru contacts.
  • Audiophile-grade metal film capacitors.
  • Flying leads point-to-point soldering to switches, connectors and transformers; no "quick-connects" or push-on terminals.
  • VU meters can be set for 150W or 15W peak to show greater deflection of needle.
  • Meters are used to conveniently adjust bias and balance.
  • Weight: 65 lbs / 85 lbs in box.
  • Dimensions: 19" wide x 14.5" deep x 8.75" high (inches).
  • Warrenty: 3 years parts & labor, 6 months on tubes.
  • 50% discount on replacement tubes to original owner.

Download the User Manual for complete details on this product.