Formula Pre™

Formula Preamp

Taking overall sonic direction from the Mesa Heartbreaker™, the FORMULA's Rhythm channel is undeniably black face, clipping sweetly when pushed.

It also incorporates a pull Boost on the Gain control for heavier sounds. Lead 1 starts out purring - very capable of furry chording, and continues on up to a violin-inspired, liquid gain voice.  Lead 2 shares the rotary tone controls with Lead 1 and allows you to auto-insert the 5 Band Graphic EQ. The independent Gain/Master harness allows the tighter, more urgent nature of Lead 2 to be fully maximized while roaming between the stinging, low gain bluesy region and a blistering high gain frontier.

What really sets the FORMULA apart from other pre-amps before it is not the amazing tone and versatility for live applications, but rather that it was - from the inception - a recording pre-amp.  The development of a new type of recording circuit that responds in frequency to dynamic fluctuations in the same way a power amp and speaker do, caused the emphasis to be shifted early on in development toward the studio. The uncanny ability to recreate not only the sound of a great power section and cab, but also more importantly the feel of a great rig - makes the FORMULA a must-have "bolt-in" for any control room.  This Wide-Track recording circuitry aboard the FORMULA makes recording direct guitar truly fun again through convenience and inspiration


  • Handcrafted in Petaluma, California
  • 5x12AX7
  • 3 Channels w/Independent Gain & Master Controls
  • 4 Modes (Rhythm, Boost, Lead I and Lead II)
  • Pull Boost (Rhythm Channel)
  • Assignable 5 Band Graphic EQ
  • Output Level Control (over all channels)
  • Parallel FX Loop w/Stereo Returns & Mix Control
  • Wide Track™, Dual Recording Circuitry (Low Gain & High Gain)
  • Stereo Main & Recording Outputs
  •  External Switching Inputs
  • 4 Button Footswitch (Rhythm, Lead I, Lead II & EQ)
    1 Space Rackmount

Download the User Manual for complete details on this product.