Basis M-2000™

Basis M-2000™

Simul-State™ exists at the Vortex of tube and MOS FET technology

Simul-State™ operates as a power block of tube-driven MOS FETs providing lightweight, high power, two-space portability.  More than a token 12AX7, this scheme is the BASIS for a whole new sound.  Viewed from the helm, the pilot sees two fully evolved preamps - one tube, one solid state.  Each channel includes a complete set of five rotary controls, a 9-band auto assignable Graphic EQ, Bright switches and dedicated shelving compression. The tube channel is equipped with a high-gain overdrive mode; the solid state channel includes a semi-parametric bass filter that can be selected for four or five string instruments, tuning the lows for your fundamental.

Footswitching goes beyond mere channel selection:  The M-2000™ brings the two channels together to personalize a new sound - all yours - when you call up a blend in the Mix Mode.  A pan control, front and center, determines the ratio of the preamp channels.  For example, use the Mix Mode to combine the clean focus of the Field Effect Channel with a touch of overdrive Gain from the Tube Channel.  Or any combination. Shelving compression per channel allows you to select the frequency and determine the ratio, thus expanding the menu of Mix Mode options.  So many possibilities...get the Field Effect pumping, leave the Tube side fully dynamic and blend to taste.

An FX Loop with adjustable crossover frequency lets you add effects where you want them and keep the rest of the spectrum pure.  It also doubles as an output source for bi-amping.  A massive toroidal power transformer supplies 12 musically industrial MOS FETs mounted in a fan cooled heat sink tunnel for 2000 watts of peak power.  RMS rating exceeds 600 watts into 4 ohms.


  • Handcrafted in Petaluma, California
  • 600 Watts, Simul-State™ / 12 Tube Driven Power Mos-Fets, 3x12AX7
  • Active/Passive Inputs
  •  2 Completely Independent Preamp Channels (1=Tube, 2=FET) w/MixMode "Pan" Control (Blend any Ratio between Tube & FET Channel
  • Each Channel features Independent Rotary EQ (Bass, Mid & Treble), Assignable 9 Band Graphic EQ, Bright Switch and Shelving Compressor
  • High Gain Overdrive Mode (Tube Channel)
  • Semi-Parametric Bass Filter (FET Channel)
  • Output Level Control (over all channels)
  • Assignable Parallel FX Loop w/Crossover (frequency select) & Mix Controls
  • Balanced Line Out w/Pre/Post Switch & Level Control
  • Bass Tuner Out
  •  1/4 & XLR Speaker Outs
  • Slave Out w/Level Control
  • External Switching Inputs
  • Fan Cooled
  • 6 Button Footswitch (Tube Channel, Mix, FET Channel, Gain/Mute, Tube Channel Graphic EQ & FET Channel Graphic EQ)
  • FORMAT Available:
    2 Rack Spaces

Download the User Manual for complete details on this product.